meet the bands

Nkem Favour Blues Band

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Mia Nkem Favor is an extraordinary interpreter of the Afro-American tradition, endowed with an amazing vocal mixture combined with a thorough knowledge of the stylistic dictates of the genre. It has a real "blues heart" that leads it to express the feelings of the soul in the best possible way. The accompanying band is made up of some of the best Blues musicians in Italy, former exponents of the Genoese Big Fat Mama and Mama's Pit, historical groups of the Italian Blues. The show ranges between classics of the genre and original songs, offering a solid and articulated impact, with a powerful and refined sound at the same time. 

Mia Nkem Favour (Nig) – voice;  Davide Serini  Electric Guitar; Dr Moody – Hammond Keyboard;  Luca Dalle Saline– Double Bass; Mauro Mura – Drums

Stef Rosen & the fuzznotes

Stef Rosen is a guitar player and singer from Berlin, Germany. His way of composing, playing and arranging is inspired by the soulful electric blues from the 70s. He looks at the tradition of this music with a personal and respectful attitude.  In 2017 he joined a European tour with Tony Coleman, who has been drummer for many blues legends as Albert King, Albert Collins, Etta James, Ruth Brown, and for the king of the Blues himself: B.B. King, for more than 20 years. His latest recordings received enthusiastic reviews from all around Europe and by the international blues dancing scene and for the last 3 years he has been constantly touring, non-stop..from New York to Seoul, from London to Moscow..anywhere people need to dance their blues away!

The Fuzznotes are: Stef Rosen - Guitar & Vocals; Will Jacobs - Guitar; Connor Fitzgerald - Keys;

Martin Stumpf - Bass; Lorenzo Bergamino - Drums 


Dandann Trio

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DanDann Trio has been created to perform for dancers and is composed of DanDann (USA) - Voice and Guitar, Tonete Perto (Spain) - Upright Bass, and Andrea De Martino (Italy) - Violin and Harmonica. 

Based in Valencia and with a unique soulful voice you can often find DanDann wandering the streets playing and singing whenever she can. Tonete and Andrea create the perfect match to create magical performances of blues, jazz and soul standards by Etta James, B.B. King, Ray Charles, Otis Redding and more. 

Jessie Gordon

Jessie is a very sun-shy Perth red-headed jazz singer who enjoys swing music, dancing in her kitchen to Otis Redding, eating cheese at any given opportunity and singing in the shower and every other (shaded) venue. Her main musical passions are jazz, blues and roots music. She started singing professionally at the age of 15 and has fronted big bands, jazz duos and every sized band in-between. She has toured Australia, America, South East Asia, Germany, France, Spain, Poland and the UK. She is also a 20 time Fringe World Music and Cabaret Award winner. 

She has also recorded nine albums, including one with Mark Turner (Best Friends 2019), an original album (A Work of Friction 2018), two intercontinental albums entitled Berlin Nights (2017) and Unknowable Journey (2020) with Berlin band Ginger Blues, the latter of which won the German Blues Award for 2020, and most recently the eponymous Sassafras (2021).

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Wolf & Red

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Wolf and Red are an Italian/Australian hybrid, born in Berlin, baptised by the blues, raised listening to Bessie Smith and musical as hell.

The result of a lifetime of listening to blues and one night of playing it together, Wolf and Red is the combination of Italian born guitarist and singer Stef Rosen and Australian raised singer and ukulele aficionado Jessie Gordon.

Their repertoire draws extensively from old-world blues, jazz and gospel, with roots inspired original music, two part vocal harmony, excellent use of facial expressions and a very good duck impression.

Down Yonder

Down Yonder is a collective of the finest musicians from the UK blues and contemporary jazz scene. 
Guided by the groovy soul of Kevin Leo and the silvery melodies of Francesca Confortini, the quintet brings the blues tradition back with a twist, turning every song into a rollercoaster of rhythm and harmonies, an unexpected ride between the past and the present that blends old fashioned sounds with modern interpretations. The wisdom and musicianship of guitarist Giulio Romano Malaisi and pianist Chicco Allotta create a perfect dance floor under the expert drumming of Daniele Antenucci (a Guglionesano DOC).

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meet the djs

 Hamed Jenabi

 dj coordinator

Hamed’s passion about Blues music and dance made him a full-time Blues DJ, teacher and organizer in Vienna. He is the founder and one of the organizers of “Vienna Sugar Blues” and “Blues Fever Festival”.

He has played at lots of Blues festivals in Europe and loves to give dancers a full journey through the history of Blues and plays lots of different styles, although his focus is more on Blues female singers as he believes that this era should be played more at dance events.

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Bibi Dj.jpeg

For Bibi, music is a great, continuous emotion, the true engine of everything she does! 
She has been spinning the decks since 2014, inspiring tons of dancers all around the globe and keeping the party grooving and jumping everywhere she went!
She truly loves everything about the blues on and off the dance floor and she is always researching and expanding her music collection.

Kenneth Shipp

Kenneth has been spinning tunes for well over a decade, creating breakdance mixes from his dad's vinyl collection to DJing hip hop / break competitions in college.

After falling in love with blues in 2014, he’s spent the past few years learning and diving into the wide variety of blues styles and history.

Kenneth aims to get you grooving and moving every time you step out onto the dance floor. He loves playing with your faves while also showcasing the soul/blues legends from his hometown of Nashville and his new home of St. Louis. 

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