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We hope that the following information will be an incentive for you to take a long holiday and stay with us even after the festival. Our region, Molise, is the perfect place if you want to have a relaxing time after four days of incredible parties. You can simply enjoy the best ice-creams, go to the beach, explore the countryside and ultimately slow down. But beware... if many of you stay we will definitely organise more dancing activities!


Guglionesi is located in the region of Molise. As the second smallest region in Italy, and a region that is not often mentioning in the media or on TV, Italians often say the phrase "il Molise non esiste" meaning "Molise does not exist".  If you are a Molisano and travel through Italy, when people meet you they like to joke and say "oh so Molise does exist!". Because of this we feel very special and are very proud of our little paradise.


The first ever Good Time Blues fest will be held in the small town of Guglionesi, on the east coast of Italy. The town is surrounded by a mesmerising hilly landscape, with the beach only 10 minutes away by car. People here love to leisurely walk (in Italian "passeggiare") between Lungomare and Castellara. But the old part of the town deserves a visit too, and we invite you to do so with an organised guide as part of the festival. The Guglionesani (people from Guglionesi) will be here to welcome you with a great smile and lots of food on the table!

Video by Luca Giuseppin

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Termoli and Isole tremiti

Termoli is a seaside town at only 15km from Guglionesi. It has a stunning old town and is the prefect place to eat seafood. During summer it gets quite busy with tourists but never as much as other areas of Italy. If you stay in Molise until the beginning of August you can experience the celebration of San Basso and the Incendio del Castello. 

From Termoli you can take a ferry and reach the stunning Tremiti Islands. You can simply take a day trip or sleep one night or two. It is composed of three small islands, San Domino, San Nicola and Capraia. Once in Tremiti you can rent a small boat and snorkel in the pristine water. You could also visit the villages in San Domino and San Nicola. 

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