• You are totally new to blues dancing or have taken a few lessons.

  • You want to improve your vocabulary, start improvising and finally feel comfortable social dancing at the parties.

  • You want to learn about various music styles and be introduced to some history.

  • You are a sponge and are ready to learn as much as possible!


  • You are not a beginner to blues dance.

  • You've taken a number of classes, are comfortable social dancing and improvising and have attended a few (or more) dedicated workshops.

  • You're ready to deepen your understanding of the blues and the culture surrounding it, improve your technique and widen your dancing vocabulary!


  • You have danced regularly for a number of years and are amongst the most experienced dancers in your local scene.

  • You have a sound understanding of the blues, solid technique and understand that focusing on the small details and connecting your movement to the music and history of the dance is what takes you to the next level.


12:00 Classes

21:30 Party time!

12:00 Classes

21:30 Party time!

19:00: Welcome aperitivo  + Party

12:00 Classes

21:30 Party time!

23rd July

24th July

22nd July

21st July


- WORKSHOPS: ADS Fitness Center, in Via Roma 49

- MAIN PARTIES: TBC - One of the many beautiful squares of the village

- LATE NIGHT PARTIES: Secret locations that will be communicated nearer the time


  • 4 days of festival fun!

  • Welcome aperitif with local products

  • 8 hours of incredible classes

  • 4 evening outdoor parties

  • 3 late night parties in secret locations

  • Some cultural activities and guided tour of the town